Rife Ear Cure All Tones with Third Eye Chakra 13Hz & Ear Frequency 10.7Hz @ Epsilon Wave 0.3Hz

There are many ear healing frequency mix videos in our channel using rife tones and other such healing sound waves. This is a new addition to that list which consists of all ear cure all tones from the rife list, 10.7Hz which is a tone very specific to ears, 13Hz which is associated with throat chakra which governs nearby organs including ears. All these tones modulated to epsilon wave of 0.3Hz which is also deeply relaxing and healing as it takes brain to a below delta brainwave level called epsilon range.

Rife Cure All Ear Frequencies – Ear Infection, Fungus, Vertigo, Tinnitus

This video contains all rife healing frequencies relaxed to varies ear problems like outer ear infection or Swimmer’s ear or Otitis externa, middle ear infection or otitis media, inner ear infection or otitis interna, vertigo or balancing problem, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, ear fungus, Menieres disease, ear wax etc.

Third Eye Chakra 13Hz & Ear Frequency 10.7Hz

Apart from above mentioned rife frequencies this video also included these 2 tones which are extremely beneficial for ears. Third eye chakra 13Hz helps to balance and heal the 3rd eye chakra which is associated with nearby organs including ears. Problem in ears happen when there is an unbalance or blockage in this chakra. So balancing third eye chakra is beneficial when you have an ear problem. 10.7Hz is the frequency of the ears. It helps to improve overall health of the ears.

Frequency Healing Guidelines

Please note that try frequency healing only if you have enough time. If your condition is severe or unbearable symptoms please consult a doctor immediately. Frequency healing may not work fast like modern medicines especially cases like infection. So don’t consider this as an alternate for mainstream treatment. You can use it in addition to the primary treatment. Also you can try this in cases like tinnitus, vertigo where there is no permanent cure in modern medicine. Drink enough water while listening to avoid dehydration. Listen to at at least 1-2 times per day.

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