February 2020

Cure Ear Diseases : 17 Ear Frequencies Mix

Cure all ear related problems like ear pain, ear discharge, tinnitus, vertigo, swimmer’s ear or outer ear infection, middle and inner ear infection, Eustachian tube inflammation etc. We also have separate videos for inner, middle and outer ear problems in our YouTube channel. Please check that also.

Root Chakra Balancing with 4 Frequencies

This is a mix of 4 popular root chakra frequencies mixed in a special way to get effects of all the 4 tones to make root chakra balanced. Root chakra balancing or tuning has an important role in overall well being and health. So it is important keep all chakra’s balanced especially root chakra.

Royal Rife Allergy Cure : 19 Allergy Relief Frequencies Mix

Here top 19 Allergy relief Royal Rife frequencies mixed with 0.1 Hz ultra low frequency delta waves in both binaural and isochronic way for maximum benefits and relaxation. Allergy is an immune system’s abnormal response to a foreign object like particular food, pollen, fur, or dust but the foreign substance always may not be harmful …

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