Money Visualization Shorts : US Dollars, Euro, Indian Rupee : Money Frequency 432Hz + Schumann 7.83Hz

Attracting Money with Law of Attraction

Here are some short videos for attracting money using law of attraction or manifestation principles. Normally creators say will manifest in seconds or minutes or days. Sometimes it may happen but not always. Law of attraction is a process which needs patience and consistency. That is why it is not working for many. Don’t loose hope if you don’t get it in few days or even weeks. Keep on trying until you succeed. Success will be with people who believed it 100% and tried with full confidence and dedication.

Reprogram Subconscious Mind for Money

It is like planting a seed – it will germinate at when it reaches the right environment. You have to patiently wait till that moment. It may happen next moment, day, week or month or even after that. It depends on many factors – your current subconscious mind impression’s strength, your belief percentage, consistency, current thoughts about money etc. If you are negatively programmed about money very strongly in your childhood period then it will take a long time to erase those impressions and change it to positive ones. You need to work hard like listening to affirmations, subliminal affirmations, scripting etc to change those impressions.

Thoughts and Feelings

These two are most important things in law of attraction. If you listen to some positive affirmations about money or listen to some money frequency for 15-20 minutes and rest of the day if you keep on worrying about money nothing will change. You have to be in control of your thoughts. As per experts 65,000 thoughts come to mind daily. So if you keep few hundreds thoughts positive with affirmations and rest of them still in negative then no use. So try to not to think about money or at least be neutral. Remember, each thought is a prayer to the universe. So whole day if you wish for something negative, a 15 minutes affirmations cannot do anything.

Feelings also very very important. Just thoughts are not enough. You have to feel it. When you visualize feel as if you are living in your dream reality. Visualize everything fully – bit by bit. Then Universe will manifest it for you – that is 100% sure.

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