Unique & Rare Mix : Rife Cure All 20, 727, 787, 800, 880, 5KHz & 10KHz @ Alpha, Theta, Delta and Epsilon Brainwaves

Rife Cure All + Alpha, Theta, Delta and Epsilon Brainwaves

We have already covered Rife Cure All tones many times in different mixes but this is another unique and rare one. In this all rife cure all tones – 20Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 800Hz, 880Hz, 5KHz & 10KHz – mixed in a totally different way. It covers all major meditative and highly relaxing brainwaves like alpha, theta, delta and epsilon. Sweep start at 10Hz alpha and ends at extremely low 0.1Hz epsilon. Since it passes through all these deeply relaxing brainwave frequencies it will take brain to a very relaxed state. Apart from the benefits of Rife cure all tones it will provide much much higher healing and meditative effects.

When brain passes through these low end brainwaves it will accelerate bod’s natural healing system. Immune system will work at its best level as body gets enough time to concentrate on healing. When we are at deeply relaxing brainwaves body and mind will be at fully rest. So brain will get enough time to concentrate on regenerative and healing processes. Normally brain enters delta and below ranges only during deep sleep. So daily going to delta or epsilon state at least for 15-20 minutes are highly beneficial.

Healing with Rife Cure All Tones – 20Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 800Hz, 880Hz, 5KHz & 10KHz

Already we discussed about rife cure all tones in our previous posts many times. These tones are extremely beneficial and if you are a frequency lover then you must love these tones. Each one of these tones are beneficial to 200+ diseases as per Dr Royal Rife’s findings. You can get the full list from Rife CAFL. Some tones like 20Hz and 10Khz are at lower and higher end of the human audio spectrum. So they may not be fully audible to everybody. As we get older our ear’ efficiency deteriorate. But that doesn’t matter. Even the vibrations will help.

Frequency Healing Tips & Bioresonance

As we mention always frequency healing is not a replacement for general mainstream treatment. If your symptom is severe please consult a registered practitioner first. You can use this in addition to that primary treatment. Also drink enough water while listening to any frequency healing video. Also some tones like 5Khz are very sharp and not very pleasant. So listen at a comfortable volume. Since these tones are modulated in isochronic way headphones are not compulsory. You can use speakers too but if you are using speakers then use good quality Bluetooth speakers and keep it very close to your body to get maximum benefits as rife tones works based on the principle called bioresonance. So every cell of your body should get the vibrations to get maximum benefits.

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