Money Affirmations @ Jupiter Frequency 183.58Hz : Law of Attraction : Wealth & Abundance

Jupiter – Wealth and Abundance Planet

If you are really serious about manifesting money then you should seriously consider aligning with the money planet – Jupiter. From ancient period Jupiter has been associated with money, wealth and abundance. In India Jupiter is worshiped as god of wealth. People believe that when you are in tune with this planet more money and wealth flows into your life.

Jupiter Frequency 183.58Hz

Frequency lovers use Jupiter spinning frequencies 183.58Hz and 473.9Hz to get aligned or tuned with this money planet. There are many videos with these 2 tones in our frequency healing channel Zone Life and money videos channel Zone Money.

Positive Money Affirmations

This video also contains many positive money affirmations to reprogram the subconscious mind for money and wealth. All of us have unlimited potentials – the limiting factors are our beliefs and thinking patterns. Most of us have been conditioned very negative about money and wealth. these negative conditioning in our subconscious mind is the main obstruction for manifesting prosperity and abundance. Universe will always give only what you really believe and wish for. If your believes and wishes doesn’t match it will not manifest. There is no point in wishing something big with a belief that you cannot get it. If you doubt the outcome it will not happen. So for law of attraction a positive mindset is very very important.

Manifesting with Law of Attraction

As per law of attraction theory whatever you want is already exists. You only need to attract that to your life – be if money, luxury items or other material things, dream partner, house or whatever. You have to raise your vibrations to a higher level and when it matches with the item you want to manifest it will happen. You can see thousands of such success stories in audio/video sharing sites, blogs etc. Also feeling is very important. Just dreaming will not help – visualize and feel it.

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