Secret for a Peaceful Life : No Attachment or Aversion : World is only an Illusion : Don’t Take it Seriously!

What is the secret for a successful and peaceful life ?

Lord Krisha said in Bhagavad Gita that if you practice one thing your life will be utterly peaceful and calm – no attachment or aversion to worldly matters. Normally we easily get attached to the incidents happening around us. That is the main cause of all our worries. We are taking worldly matters too serious. Life is actually very simple. We are making it complicated. With the advent of social and visual media now we get news and information from all parts of the world in seconds. We are bombarded with too much information than brain can handle and we continue to worry about negative things happening thousands of miles away. There is no point in worrying about something which is not in our control. World will be like that only. Be very clear about this – nobody can correct the world. Millions of people tried to correct it for centuries and none succeeded so far. So leave the idea of correcting the world. That will give you a big relief. So forget the world and live your life.

Life is like a river – Flow with it

Don’t try to swim opposite. You will be greatly disappointed. We have to understand one thing very clearly – we don’t have much control i our life too. Universal energy is controlling and taking care of our lives every day. If you contemplate on it you will realize that. From childhood to this period you would have dreamed a lot but actual life path was totally different. So don’t try to fight with it, instead flow with it. Leave everything to the universal energy and just enjoy the life.

Attachment and Aversion

Our minds get disturbed when we react to something with attachment or aversion. Worldly things or incidents cannot create any fluctuations in our mind. We are creating disturbance with attachment or aversion. So we need to correct in ourselves. No person, incident or situation can harm you or create negativity in you. It is your own attitude or behavior or conditioning in the subconscious mind create the disturbing waves in you. 10 people will react 10 different ways to a same situation. So it is not the situation is responsible. It is conditioning of our mind. Say Yes to whatever situation or incident will give you a pleasant result while saying No to anything will give a very unpleasant result. So try to accept whatever comes in your way. It is not in your control. Realize this fact then you will be very peaceful.

For example you may not be going well with a colleague or friend and at the same time other people may be very much okay with his behavior or attitude. So the problem is in your negative subconscious mind impressions about that person. Similarly you may be okay with a person and other’s may not. So all the fluctuations in the mind completely depends on our subconscious impressions. It is nothing to do with that person, object, incident or situation. So if you want to correct it then you have to update in your own subconscious mind – not outside.

Similarly if you are too much attached to something by definition one day it will make you unhappy too. So best idea is to avoid too much attachment and too much aversion to an object, incident or situation. Take life as it is not taking it too seriously – then you will be always happy.

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