Solfeggio 528Hz + Cosmic 432Hz @ Earth’s 7.83Hz & Epsilon 0.1Hz : Deep Healing, DNA Repair

Deep Healing Meditative Mix

This is a very rare mix of some of the most popular tones on the net. It is truly meditative and deep healing too. You can use it for general well being or for any particular health problems. It is modulated in theta and below delta waves called epsilon waves. Immune system will work at its best level when brain is tuned to these brainwaves.

Solfeggio 528Hz

This is one of the most popular healing tone on the net and believed to have so many health benefits including DNA repair. Listening to this will cleanse negative energy from our system and will help for a positive transformation. 528Hz also believed to be good for physical and emotional healing, heal and increase vital energy, repair damaged DNA etc.

Miracle Tone 432Hz

This is another very important tone and believed to have so many positive benefits. It can remove negative energy and bring positive transformations, elevate your inner vibrations, body detox etc. This is also believed to have connection with manifestation and abundance. So you can use it for law of attraction for manifesting your dream reality too.

Earth’s 7.83Hz or Schumann Resonance

Above mentioned 528Hz and 432Hz are modulated to Earth’s 7.83Hz or popularly known as Schumann Resonance. There are many extremely low frequencies emanates from Earth-ionosphere cavity like 7.83, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, and 45 Hz. These tones are called Schumann resonances and 7.83Hz is the most prominent one. It is also called earth’s heartbeats. It is good for grounding, stability and general well being. 528 and 432 are modulated to 7.83 in binaural way in this video.

Epsilon Wave 0.1Hz

This is ultra blow brain frequency ranges commonly called as epsilon waves. Our normal brainwave ranges start from delta and goes to theta, alpha and so on. Epsilon waves comes below that and not much research happened in this area. In this video above tones are modulated again to epsilon 0.1Hz at isochronic way.

Drink enough water while listening to these tones to avoid dehydration. This is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If you have any serious symptoms please consult a doctor first.

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