Subliminal Money Affirmations + Booster : US Dollars, Indian Rupee : Manifest Wealth While You Sleep

US Dollars Subliminal Money Affirmations
Indian Rupee Subliminal Affirmations

Two videos with subliminal money affirmations – one for US dollars and next one is for attracting Indian Rupees. Depends on your choice you can listen. We will be doing for other currencies too like Euro, Pound etc in future.

Subliminal Money Affirmations + Booster

Advantage with subliminal message is your conscious mind will not hear it. In normal affirmations conscious mind will be aware about it and it will reject all exaggerated messages straightway. For example when you are in the middle of a health issue and keep repeating “I am healthy”, conscious mind very well aware than your health is not alright so it will reject that message. But in subliminal without any logical checking it will directly goes to the subconscious mind. There is no logical checking in subconscious level. It immediately write whatever it comes to its way. But to change a habit or behavior it will take some time because one writing may not be enough. It depends on how strong your current impressions. Also if there is a blockages in subconscious level or if it very stubborn then it will take more time to rewrite current impressions.

Manifest Wealth While You Sleep

Listen to this music every day during your sleep. Best time to listen to affirmations are before bedtime and just after bedtime. Brain passes through theta brainwave stage during these 2 periods. In theta state conscious mind will be in a dream like stake and subconscious mind will be very much accessible. Listen to it for minimum 3-4 weeks without skipping a day. Consistency is the key when it is about affirmations. Listen at least once per day. You can listen even more too.

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