How to Make Your Own Subliminal Affirmations

There are so many subliminal affirmations on YouTube and such audio or video sharing sites. But problem is since it is not audible we will not know what affirmations the creator included. Some subliminal channels caught in the past and that made serious dent in the integrity of subliminals. They included negative affirmations. So listen to silent affirmations from only a trusted source but that i again difficult to find it. So best way is to create your own. Here are some tips.

Write the Affirmations

Be creative, write what you want to achieve in your life. Make simple sentences in present tense like.

  • I am surrounded with lots of money.
  • I am living a happy and peaceful life.
  • I am a magnet of money.
  • perfect health is my divine right and I claim it now

Or write it as it already happened like

  • I am happy with this luxurious life.
  • I am thankful for the healing happened in my body.

Instead of simple words include emotions and gratefulness in affirmations. That will work better. Instead of ‘I have a wonderful life’ write ‘I am happy that my life is wonderful’ or ‘I am grateful for this wonderful life’. Emotion is the key.


You can include afformations too and many people believe they work better than affirmations. Confuse the mind like

  • Why am I happy ?
  • Why am I so wealthy ?
  • Why am I so healthy ?

Recording with Your Own Voice or Tex to Speech

Once the text is ready you need to convert it to an audio. Best way is to record with your own voice using your mobile phone or any such audio recording device. Your own voice works better as your subconscious mind is very much familier with it. If you are not comfortable with it then you can use some text to speech apps or websites. Search in Google for “free text to speech” or “free tts”. Go to one such site and enter your text there. Select a voice and click on Convert. Then save/download it. Now your affirmation mp3 is ready.

Change Speed and Reduce Volume

Now with some audio editing tools you need to speed it up and reduce the volume. Now there are many new audio editing apps available in mobile phones. You can use it. Or if you are in windows or linux then you can use free apps like audacity. You can also change the speed and volume in some free website online too. Search in Google for “change audio speed” or “change audio tempo” etc. Go to one such site, upload your audio and increase the speed or tempo and reduce the volume. If you are using audacity then use “change temp without changing pitch” option.

How much speed for you subliminal affirmations ?

This is the most difficult question everybody asks. Some creators speed it up to 100X and more but some worry that if you speed up that much audio will get distorted. Of course subconscious mind is very powerful and it can understand ultrafast videos easily but problem is we have technical limitations. Every time you increase the speed, audio will get more and more distorted. For example if you slow down a 100x up audio you may not hear anything clearly. So personally I suggest 4x or 8x. But try with different numbers and select a comfortable one.

How Much volume for the Subliminal Affirmation Audio ?

Volume also a controversy. Some people reduce it too much as they don’t want the audio to be audible at all. Most people keep it at 10 to 20% of the original audio. It is again a personal choice. Experiment with different values. It should be far below that the background music volume. If you are making for personal use I recommend don’t reduce it too much because our main target is a quick result. So even if you hear a little bit of the subliminal that is fine for personal use.

Mixing Background Music

Now download a good background music and add it to the subliminal audio. Music without vocal preferred like some instrumental or meditation or relaxing music. If you are making for YouTube or such sites then select only copyright free music. For personal use it doesn’t matter. In YouTube audio library there are many relaxing music audios.

Now your subliminal audio is ready. If you are making it for YouTube then you need to add a picture or video. You can do it using any such mobile apps. Again there are many advanced things like Subliminal Bundles, layered subliminals, DNA writing, Binary writing etc. We will discuss all that later.

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