Manifest Wealth with Subliminal Money Affirmations : Reprogram Subconscious for Abundance

Subliminal Vs Normal Affirmations

This is a very powerful subliminal money affirmations video with subliminal booster. Advantage subliminal messages are they can easily reach subconscious mind compared to normal affirmations. Conscious mind always cross check every data coming through the senses. It rejects messages which it finds illogical or false. So when you say ‘I am healthy’ in the middle of a health issue conscious mind will straightaway rejects it and will not allow it to the subconscious mind. But subliminal messages are below the threshold of human sensation or consciousness. So conscious mind will not even aware about it. In the subconscious mind there is no logical checking. It will write whatever comes to its way to the permanent memory.

Consistency is the Key

Subliminal affirmations cannot change anything – attitude, behaviors, habits, addictions – in 1-2 days. Depends on the strength of the current impressions it may take weeks or months. If the current impression is so strong it will take a long time to replace it with a new one. Normally people get results within 3-4 weeks. So consistency is the main thing. Select a set of affirmations or a video or audio and stick with it. You can also make a playlist of few audio/video and listen to it as much as possible. Listen at least once per day without skipping a single day. Also listen it with full belief. If you listen with full of doubts in mind then it will not work.

Subliminal Affirmations Booster

This video also contains booster to speed up the result. It prepare the subconscious mind to accept and process the affirmations faster. It contains affirmations to remove any subconscious mind blocks too. For many people subconscious mind behaves very stubborn and will be very reluctant for a change. In that case too the boosters will help to speed up the results.

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