Rife Cure All 727Hz Benefits, Frequency Healing Advantages : Pure Tone @ 6Hz

Rife Cure All 727Hz Benefits

727Hz is one of the most popular ad most effective Rife frequency which is beneficial for hundreds of diseases. As per the Rife Consolidated Annotated Frequency List or CAFL it is useful for health problems like allergy, abscess, arthritis, back ache, burns, candida, cold, dental infections, ear and eye problems, fever, fungus, itching, parasites, sinusitis, diabetes etc. Please refer the CAFL for full details. Since it is a long list I cannot list complete details here. Just search in Google for “Rife CAFL” then you will get many sites with full CAFL info.

Frequency Healing Advantages

Compared to modern medicine, natural healing method like frequency healing doesn’t have side effects and it tackle the root cause but problem is it will not work quickly like modern medicines. You need lots of patience and dedication when it is about frequency healing and such natural healing techniques. Also if one is not working you have to try with other things. Keep on trying trying… Then only it will work. It is not like just taking few pills and forget about it. But the cure will be efficient and permanent most of the times. We receive lots of emails and comments in our YouTube videos about such success stories with frequency healing videos. If you are ready to spend at least half an hour to one hour per day for your body and health then you can try frequency healing methods. Most of the Rife tones are regenerating and detoxifying too. So you can listen to it even if you don’t have any health issues.

Modern Medicine and Alternate Therapies

But please note that frequency healing is still in the early stages and many countries not accepted it as a treatment method. So please don’t take this as a primary healing method. If you have any serious or life threatening issues then first consult a doctor. In addition to the main treatment you can try frequency healing too. I always suggest my viewers this method. Also for many diseases there is no treatment in modern medicine. In that case you can try this directly or with other alternate healing methods like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki, Naturopathy, Acupuncture etc

Rife 727Hz Pure Tone @ 6Hz YouTube Shorts Video

This is a YouTube shorts video of just 30 seconds long. It contains pure Rife Cure All 727Hz modulated to 6Hz Theta brainwave. You can loop it in your YouTube mobile app. You will get benefits of both 727Hz and 6Hz. Theta brain waves are deeply relaxing and it will take brain to a deep relaxed and meditative state too. So this is healing plus meditation. You can also listen to some affirmations with this because subconscious mind will be easily accessible during theta brainwave period.

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