Powerful Health Affirmations Shorts Video : Reprogram Subconscious Mind

Subconsciousness Mind Impressions

Everything in our life – from our basic nature to thinking patterns, decisions, behavior, attitude, addictions etc are decided by the impressions in the subconscious mind. Unfortunately these impressions are mostly created during our childhood period or up to 6-7 years of age. After that minor updates will continue to happen but not major updates will happen unless we take some serious steps like re-programming subconscious with tools like affirmations. In our childhood period most of us were bombarded with lots of don’ts and restrictions from our parents and teachers. They did it thinking that it will help us in our life but unfortunately those negative impressions in the subconscious mind created by those negative inputs put us in a self made jail. That kind of negative impressions prevent us from taking any bold step in life or from trying anything new in life.

Power of Affirmations and Why You Must Try It

Most of our subconscious patters are written during childhood period and later if you want to make any big changes only option is Affirmations. Subconscious mind is million times powerful than conscious mind. So in normal circumstances if you say something positive and if conscious mind think it is illogical it will reject it so that input will not reach subconscious mind. For example if you are in the middle of a major health or financial problem and you say that “I am perfect” then conscious mind will reject it as it knows you are struggling with that problem. But subconscious mind is not logical. So if you are able to take that input up to the subconscious mind then it will accept it – whatever you say – and start working on it to accomplish that.

Power of Repetitions

Positive inputs just entering 1-2 times also will not help. It depends on how strong your current impression is. So you need to bombard subconscious mind with continuous positive inputs daily at least for 21 days to make any positive changes. If the impressions are so strong then it may take even longer time. For eg if you have a very negative impressions about money – like i am not capable of making more money or i want only limited amount of money just to survive etc then you need to feed positive affirmations about wealth, money and abundance daily for few weeks. Then slowly your impressions about money will change in the subconscious and that will slowly reflect in your life. You will be guided with more money making ideas from the universe.

Stress & Immune System Performance

This is YouTube shorts video with some powerful health affirmations. Our body is capable of healing from any health problems and can be restored to its original perfect state if our mind allow its to function its at best level. Most of the time negative impressions in the subconscious, stress, anxiety, worries, fear hold back body and immune system. When you are stressed or anxious body will stop immune system or healing functions and will concentrate on the stress. Problem is body cannot differentiate between an external threat and an internal one created with just mere thoughts. So when you are stressed large amount of our energy wasted just to handle it. So that will reduce immune system functions. Also when you are stressed body will raise blood pumping, blood glucose level etc. This will lead to many long term health issues.

Health Affirmations

Listen to these affirmations daily for 10-20 minutes daily. In YouTube mobile app you can loop it. This will create positive impressions in your subconscious mind about health. That will gradually reflect in your body. You can listen to it even if you don’t have any health issues.

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