Yeast Infection Relief Rife Frequencies Fast Mode Mix @ 6Hz

Yeast Infection

It is a very common health issue affection millions worldwide. It is caused by Yeast a type of fungi. It normally affect in the vaginal area in women and is called vaginal yeast infection. Some common symptoms are itching, redness, swelling etc. Several factors can lead to yeast infections like overuse of antibiotics which kills good bacteria, uncontrolled diabetes, stress, hormone imbalance, poo diet etc.

Yeast Infection Relief with Rife Frequencies

This video contains all Yeast Infection related Rife Frequencies to get some relief from it. Please note that this is not a replacement for mainstream treatment. If your symptoms are severe please consult a doctor first. This can be used with that treatment. Listen to it daily for 1-2 times for few weeks and see any changes or improvements in your condition. Result may vary from person to person. Our viewers reported good result for our previous parasites, candida, fungus and mold and yeast infection videos. If you don’t see any major changes in few weeks better stop listening or try some other healing videos.

6Hz Theta Brainwave Meditation

Above mentioned Yeast relief tones are modulated to 6Hz to get a pleasing effect. Also 6Hz comes in the theta brainwave range. At this stage brain will be deeply relaxed and in a meditative stage. Normally brain passes through this stage only when we are meditating or just before sleep and just after waking up. So when you listen to this 6Hz modulated audio for more than 5-6 minutes it will sync brain to that frequency. So you will automatically enter into a deep meditative mood. Subconscious mind will be very accessible during the theta range. So you can club some affirmations audio or video with this to re-program the subconscious mind too. There are many such videos in our channel too.

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