Powerful Health Affirmations @ Miracle Tone 528Hz : Heal Quickly | Improve Immune System : 0.1Hz

This video contains powerful health affirmations which can greatly enhance your overall health. Listen and watch this at least once in a day. Even if you don’t have any health issues this can be used as a preventive measure. When it comes to health and healing our mindset is very very important. A pessimistic and anxious mindset becomes a major resistance as we think and imagine lots of negative things. When we are stressed immune system cannot work at its maximum levels. So keeping a positive mindset is very important.

Also miracle tone 528Hz is included in this video which is believed to have capacity to heal and repair our DNAs. 528Hz is modulated to 0.1Hz which comes below delta brainwave range and is very relaxing and will take brain to a meditative state.

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