Candida Relief with Music Created with Just Pure Rife Frequencies @ 7Hz Theta Brainwave : Candidiasis

Candidiasis is a fungal infection affecting millions worldwide. It is caused by a yeast which is a type of fungus and it is called Candida. Everybody has candida in mouth, skin, intestine etc and a small amount of candida is not problematic. When there is an overgrowth of candida it creates many health issues like fatigue and tiredness, urinary tract infections, digestive and sinus problems, skin and nail infections etc.

Most of the frequency healing videos contain background music or added with some other smooth music to make a pleasing effect to ears but that will reduce the efficient of the rife tones. In this video only pure rife tones are used to make it more effective. No other musical tones or background music used. Also the music in this video is created using an algorithm by computer program.

This machine generated music again modulated to 7Hz theta to get a relaxing and meditative effect. Listen to this 1-2 times daily for few weeks and see any improvement happening or not if you have candida infection. Also remember this is not a replacement for any general treatment. So if you have any serious symptoms please consult a doctor first.

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