Powerful Rife Simultaneous Frequencies Mix : 20, 727, 880, 5000 & 10000Hz : Heal Naturally with Sound Waves

This is a beautiful mix of popular rife cure all tones – 20, 727, 880, 5000 and 10000Hz. This mix is different from our previous mix videos as all tones played simultaneously in this. So it provides faster and more effective results compared to other frequencies healing mixes found in this channel as well as others.

We cannot mix frequencies just like that. if we mix nearby tones it will get distorted and will not get the original effect while listening. So in this video tones are carefully selected so that it won’t get distorted. As we mentioned in our old posts please don’t consider this as a replacement for any main treatment method.

Listen to this for at least once per day for few days to a week and see any changes happening to your problem. You can also listen to this as a preventive measure as this can greatly regenerate and detox.

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