Dr Royal Rife Cure All Tone 20Hz with Relaxing Music : Candida, Parasites, Fungus

There are many cure all tones in the rife frequency list and 20Hz is one of them. Cure all tones are also like other Rife frequencies but can cure more number of diseases. 20Hz is believed to be a cure for around 220 diseases as per the Rife CAFL. So even if you don’t have any health issues it is a good idea to listen to cure all tones once in a while or daily because these tones are very cleansing and regenerating too.

For eg. 20Hz can be used to for parasites cleanse and fight against other pathogens like candida, fungus etc. Even a healthy person’s intestines and other organs carry million or billions of bacteria and other such foreign objects. So listening to these tones will help to keep them under control. Diet also very important in fight against such foreign bodies. Sugar and complex carbohydrates are difficult to digest.

So these partly digested food enters the colon or large intestines and that feeds parasites growth. So reducing such foods also a good idea. Then there are many parasite killing foods you can use to keep then under control. It is impossible to remove all parasites from our body. So we need to take regular measures to keep them under control.

20Hz has many importance as it is the beginning of our audio spectrum. As we get older we will not be able to hear lower end and higher end tunes properly. Also low quality speakers may not be able to reproduce lower end frequencies properly. So better use a good quality speakers. Don’t use mobile phone speakers. Relaxing music also mixed with t his audio for a better listening experience.

Use this video in addition to your primary treatment. This is not a replacement. If you have any serious health problems please consult a doctor.

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