432Hz + 528Hz Visual Money Affirmation with Root Chakra 8Hz & 0.1Hz

When it comes to money and wealth our mindset is the most important thing. Even if we work hard without a positive mindset and outlook about money it will not work out. On the other hand if we work less with good faith and positive mindset it will bring wonders too. So mostly people suffer financially due to their way of thinking and negative outlook about money. Like any other person in this world you have all rights to get and accumulate money.

For universe all the 7 billion people are same. We all the children of the same power. For him there is no discrimination. Our own negative beliefs are limiting us. We are in a self made prison. Actually there is no boundaries. We are making it by our own negative thoughts and beliefs. It is not our fault. We have been conditioned from our childhood in that way with lots of negative comments and advise. To come out from it you need to re-program the subconscious mind. It is not an easy task but very much possible if you are determined.

Affirmation is one of the best way to re-program the subconscious. There are many types of affirmations like visual, audio, writing on a text pad, subliminal etc. Choose whichever is convenient for you. In this video we included a visual affirmation technique. The affirmation used in this video is a popular one from Bob Proctor who is one of the prominent person in this field. This is the affirmation used in this video.

I am So Happy and Grateful Now that Money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis.

When you keep on watching this video this affirmation will gradually written to your memory and your total outlook will change. Conscious mind usually act like a gatekeeper and will not allow information which it feels illogical or wrong. So listening 1 or 2 times will not help. When you keep on watching slowly it will bypass conscious mind and enter the subconscious. As per experts you need minimum 21 days to rewrite something in subconscious mind.

So watch this video at least once every day without fail for 3-4 weeks and see any changes happening in your mindset about money. Again don’t expect money to shower you in 21 days. It is like sowing a seed. It takes some time to germinate at right conditions. Affirmations will change your perceptions and it will slowly start working. It may take few weeks to few months but definitely it will work.

In this video 3 important frequencies also used -connected with money and abundance. 432Hz is commonly known as cosmic tune or frequency of the universe and 528Hz is popular for its efficiency to heal and repair DNA. 8Hz is connected with root chakra – that is again related to physical well being and money. All these 3 tunes are modulated with below delta range tone 0.1Hz for a very relaxing, meditative and soothing effect.

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