Fungus & Mold Frequency Healing with Rife @ Earth’s 7.83Hz to 0.1Hz Delta Sweep

Fungus and Mold

Fungus and Mold infections are very common irrespective of age, region, race etc. Normally it won’t create much troubles but can be worrisome when fungus or mold growth out of control. Poor diet and low hygiene can lead to overgrowth of foreign objects in our body like parasites, fungus, bacteria, yeast, mold, candida etc. We have separate frequency healing video for each of them. Please check our channel Zone Life in YouTube.

This video contains all rife frequencies for fungus and mold which can help to reduce symptoms and recover from fungal and mod infections. This is not a replacement for any general treatment. Please consult a medical practitioner if you have any serious symptoms. This can be used in addition to the main treatment to speed up the recovery.

Brainwaves – Alpha, Theta, Delta

In this video Rife tones are modulated from 7.83Hz which is popularly known as Schumann Resonance or Earth’s frequency. There are many ultra low frequencies in this spectrum and 7.83Hz is the prominent one. Modulation finally ends at 0.1Hz and covering alpha, theta and delta brainwave ranges. These ranges are extremely relaxing and can take brain to a very meditative and sleep like mode. Parasympathetic nervous system gets activated and that will accelerate healing. At delta range immune system will work at its peak level and happy hormones also gets released.

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