Outer Ear Infection Cure Video : Rife Frequency Healing for Swimmer’s Ear | Otitis Externa Relief

This is a rife frequency healing video for Outer Ear Infection or otitis externa or swimmer’s ear. All outer ear infection cure frequencies are mixed in a fast mode for quick relief. As per the rife documents this believed to reduce symptoms and speed up recovery. But please remember this is not a replacement for your mainstream treatment. First consult a registered medical practitioner if you have any serious symptoms. Then you can use this in addition to speed up the recovery and reduce symptoms.

Outer Ear Infection or Otitis Externa is an infection in the ear canal which extends from the eardrum to the outside part of the ear. This is also called swimmer’s ear because it normally starts with water blocked in the ear canal after taking bath or swimming. It can also happen due to an injury in the ear canal due to an outside object like ear buds. Outer ear infection normally caused by bacteria – normally by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. So listening to Pseudomonas Aeruginosa rife frequencies also helps. Sometimes Otitis External can happen due to fungal infection too.

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