If you are not Rich then you have been Programmed in that Way : Change it, Money Will Flow

Attracting money or wealth is not that difficult as we think. It all depends on our thoughts and perceptions. We need to change our mindset from poverty thinking to abundance thinking. To achieve success and wealth in life hard work and dedication is important but more than that mindset is the key to success. Most of the time hard work is not directly proportional to success. Even if you put lots of effort it may not yield good results if you have a negative mindset. You need to be emotionally stable, mentally positive and must take everything in a positive way.

So changing the mindset is the first thing to do and it is not as easy as we think. Our beliefs and perceptions are hard coded to our brain during our early childhood period. The do’s and don’ts that we heard from our parents and teachers etched strongly in our subconscious mind. Our perceptions about money and wealth also developed during that time. For eg if our parents had a belief like we need money only to survive and accumulating large amounts of money is a sin then the same belief will be passed on to our subconscious mind too and that limiting belief blocks more money coming to us.

So we need to change such beliefs to get more money and wealth. The Universe doesn’t give any special rights or permission to anybody in the world to accumulate huge wealth or money. For him all of us are his children and he gives equal importance to all of us. That means whether you are rich or poor fully depends on you and your attitude and beliefs. You only need to break the limiting beliefs and thoughts. Universe is always waiting there to shower you with abundant wealth and prosperity. 

So how to break these limiting beliefs ?

How to change these hard coded negative impressions in your subconscious mind. Our parents or teachers didn’t do it purposefully. They also might have been taught by their parents and teachers in the same way. So what we have to do is to realize this truth and change your mindset. Affirmations are the best way to reprogram your subconscious mind. You can either watch text affirmations or listen to audio affirmations or write down your own affirmations in a notebook daily. You can find hundreds of such affirmations videos on YouTube and other such sites. Whatever method you choose consistency is the key. Without fail watch/write/listen to it daily at least 1-2 times or as much as possible.

If you listen or watch once in a while it will not work because most of the time conscious mind blocks affirmations if it feels illogical. For example when you listen to an affirmation like I am Rich when you don’t have any money in your hand your conscious mind will block that because it knows the truth. But your subconscious doesn’t do any such logical reasoning. So if you are able to take such affirmations up to the subconscious level then it will get stored there and it will slowly start working for it. That is the way affirmations work.

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