What is Emotional Quotient ? : How to Improve Emotional Quotient (EQ) : The Key to Success

Emotional Quotient is your capability to recognize your own emotions and those of others, differentiate different emotions, analyze and label them, manage, react or adapt to it for success and peace of mind. It is also called Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Leadership when it comes to the corporate world. In today’s world it is more important than Intelligence Quotient (IQ) for success and accomplishments. 

Daniel Goleman introduced the mixed model strategy to improve the EQ which consists of 5 major sections.

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Self Regulation
  3. Empathy
  4. Motivation
  5. Social Skills

Being self aware is an important thing in life which not only helps to improve EQ, but also helps to reduce over thinking, remove negativity from life and increase confidence and overall well being. We normally think that thoughts and emotions are part of our true self and are inseparable from us. But actually not. We are not the mind or body. We are truly infinite consciousness and the finite body and  the finite mind appear in the infinite consciousness. 

So if we learn self consciousness or self awareness then we can gradually separate ourselves from body, mind, emotions, feelings and perceptions. All these are coming and going, so these are not part of your true self. Your true self must be permanent in all 3 states – awake, dream and deep sleep. So you are pure infinite consciousness or awareness. All others are accessories to survive in this finite world. If you are able to digest this fact and accept it then life will change forever. Learn vedic philosophy which covers this in detail. 

When you observe and learn your own emotions then you will be able to watch and analyze others emotions too. Self Regulation is controlling and managing disruptive emotions and adapting to the new environment or changing situations. 

Empathy is our ability to understand other people’s emotions or feelings as if we were having the same experience or simply experiencing someone else’s feelings. It is the capacity to imagine or experience the situation of others like their feelings, emotions, opinions etc. Empathy is also an important thing in improving Emotional quotient. Normally we don’t give much value to other’s feelings or may not be able to understand their feelings correctly.

Motivating yourself and others is also an integral part of success. You should have a positive attitude and goals to stay motivated and focused. Social skills and good interpersonal skills are necessary to achieve something good in your personal life and as well as in career. In today’s highly competitive world getting connected is very important.

So basically you need to observe and witness more than talking, acting and reacting. This is the fundamental thing in Vedic philosophy also. World is like a drama and you are an actor. Our thoughts and feelings keep on changing. Don’t stick to something changing always. Stick to the only one which is permanent from your birth to death – that is consciousness or awareness. So if you realize and accept this truth you will be able to manage emotions, thoughts, feelings – of yours as well as others. When a negative feeling or emotion comes – just let it pass. Don’t be too judgemental or don’t get attached to it. Watch everything as if you are watching a movie or a possession. Behave as if you are not part of it. Just observe and witness.

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