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My Spider

World's First Spider Solitaire Card Game Studio

My Spider is world's first Spider Solitaire Game Studio. With my Spider you can create and play your own Spider Solitaire Games. With this highly customizable Spider Solitaire Game Studio you can customize entire Spider solitaire game rules by selecting Tableau arranging order, Foundation arranging order, Multi card arranging order, tableau space filling card, number of tableau piles and number of suits.

My Spider Screenshot

Released Date : Oct 1, 2005

Version : 6.0

File Size : 2390KB

OS: Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP

Type : 30 Days Trial

Freecell Collection Price

My Spider 999 Trillion Shuffles

My Spider has many new features which you will not find in any other Spider solitaire game collection. My Spider has 999 trillion shuffles so every time you play you will get a different game. So in My Spider you don't have to worry about playing a same spider solitaire game number again.

Undo/Redo, Undo All/Redo All and Replay

Unlimited Undo and Redo is another feature of My Spider so that you can Undo the current playing game to the beginning and Redo till the end. With Undo All and Redo All options you can undo to the beginning and redo till the end with a single click. In My Spider while playing the game you can Replay the game backward and forward. In My Spider It is also possible to Replay the game from the beginning.

My Spider Game-wise, Date-wise and Player-wise Statistics

Detailed Statistics is another important feature of My Spider. With the Game Statistics Window you will get countless information like Games Played, Games Won, Games Lost, Total Score, Total Moves, Total Time, Moves per Game, Score per Game, Games per hour and Winning Percentage with chart. Game-wise tab in My Spider provides Game Wise Statistics for all created and standard Spider games with chart and Date-wise tab gives you detailed Statistics which can be arranged by date, month and year. Player-wise tab is to display Player Wise Statistics for each players.

Session Statistics, High Score, Log Statistics and Export Score

Session Statistics Window in My Spider provides information about Current Session and Current spider solitaire Game. My Spider High Score Window provides information about Total Top Scores, Game wise Top Scores, Player wise Top Scores and Finished Games Top Scores. My Spider Finished Games can be arranged by Scores, Time and Moves. Log Statistics Window in My Spider gives you full log statistics which can be filtered by Player, Game or Date. In additions to this My Spider gives you options to Export and Delete entire Statistics. Export will save entire My Spider statistics as a text file to any given folder in your computer.

Add/Organize/Play Favorites, Add/Edit Players and Game History

My Spider also has many other features. In My Spider You can add current game to Favorites list and later you can organize the favorites list or play from it. In My Spider you can create new Players, Edit or delete existing players with the Players Window. My Spider Game History window gives you a detailed game history (of the current game) like source cell, destination cell and number of cards moved.

My Spider Recent Game List and Random Range Selection

Another new feature in My Spider is Recent Games List. Last 5 played games are shown up here. It can be cleared from the Customize dialog. In My Spider you can also set the random range from 9 to 999 trillion. If it is 9 you will get random game between 1 and 9 and if it is 999 trillion you will get a random game between 1 and 999 trillion.

Customize My Spider - Background Picture and Color

My Spider also gives you option to select your background. In My Spider you can either choose a predefined background color, or background picture or you can create your own background color with the color dialog box by specifying Red Green Blue values. If you select your own background color for your My Spider window then you have option to fade the Background Color.

Customize My Spider - Card Deck, Sound and Card Speed

In My Spider you can also change the Card Deck Picture. You can select any card deck picture from the listed 15 My Spider Card Deck Pictures. In My Spider you can Select or Deselect Sound for specific events like Card Up, Card Down, Autopaly, Game Won. My Spider Card moving speed also can be controlled for each specific moves like Card Move, Undo/Redo Move, Undo All/ Redo All Move and Replay.  

My Spider Free Download - 30 Days Evaluation

You can download and play My Spider for 30 days without paying any fee. A 30 days evaluation version of My Spider is available to download. You can use this evaluation version of My Spider free for 30 days and if you like to continue using My Spider after 30 days then you must purchase My Spider.

Purchase My Spider with Money Back Guarantee

Ordering My Spider is risk free. We offer a 30 days money back guarantee for My Spider. If for some reason you are not satisfied, you can return My Spider for a full refund.

If you are serious about Spider Solitaire games, My Spider is for you. Download a free evaluation version of My Spider today...

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