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Download Freecell Collection

Freecell Collection is a freecell solitaire card games collection. It contains 62 Freecell Solitaire Games including many new variants of this classic game.

Here you can download a free trial version of Freecell Collection. This is a fully functional time limited demo of Freecell Collection available as a free download. You can play all 62 games, try different options experiment with new features for 30 days without paying any money. If you like this product and want to keep a licensed copy then you can purchase it from our online store.

To start the download click on this "Download Now" button.

Download Freecell Collection Now     Freecell Collection - Download Now

When you click on this button you will get a small dialog box asking to save or open the file.

If you are using Internet Explorer then your dialog box will have four options. Open, Save, Cancel and More Info. Click on the Save button. Now it will ask a folder to save. Just select any folder and click on Save.

If you are using Firefox then you will see a dialog box with "Open With" and "Save to Disk" options. Click on Save to disk and click on OK button.

This will save a file called freecellcol.exe in the specified folder. This is the Freecell Collection installation file. Just double click on the file freecellcol.exe to start the installation.

If you need more help about downloading and installing Freecell collection then visit this tutorial


This is a comprehensive tutorial explaining all aspects about Freecell Collection Installation.

Also you can contact our support team if you need any help regarding installation. You will get a reply within 1 business day.

If you have already purchased Freecell Collection then you have to download and install this 30 days free trial version. After installation you can enter your registration code and then it will become a licensed version.

Now double click on the file freecellcol.exe and follow the instructions to install

Here is the file details of Freecell Collection

File Name : freecellcol.exe
Size : 2647KB
Version : 7.0
OS : Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Type : 30 Days Evaluation

Uninstalling of Freecell Collection also very simple. Just click on the uninstall link under the Freecell collection group. You can also uninstall it from Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs.

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