Fortune's Favor


 Fortune's Favor

Game Group : Forty Thieves

Game Type : Standard

Included in : SolGames 2004, My Solitaire

Number ofDecks :  One (52 Cards)

Object  of the Game:
To move all the cards to the foundation according to the rules specified for the game.
Fortune's Favor Screenshot
Foundation (8 Piles)
Four Aces form the foundation for the game.  Build up in suit from Ace to King.
Tableau (12 Piles)
Build down in suit.  Top card of each pile is available for play to the foundations or to the tableau.  Only one card can be moved at a time. Spaces may be filled automatically from Stock or Waste. 
Stock (36 Cards)
Click on the stock to deal a card to the waste. No Redeal.
Waste (1 Pile)
Top card of the pile is available for play to the foundation or to the tableau.