999 Trillion Shuffles

How to get a new game each time ? When you select a new solitaire game in our products game engine shuffles the cards whether it is a two deck game or one deck game or stripped deck game and organize the cards according to a number called shuffle number or game number so each time you will get a new game. 999 Trillion Shuffles This is a very unique feature of our solitaire card games. All our products supports 999 trillion game shuffles. i.e. In Zonora Solitaire Card Game products Shuffle number range can be any number between 1 and 999 trillion (999,999,999,999,999). In today's solitaire game market you will not see any other solitaire products supporting this much of shuffles. Shuffle Number valid range and Shuffle Algorithm You can give any number inside this range then game engine feed this number to internal game shuffle algorithm. This algorithm decided each cards position in the game layout. Output of this algorithm will be given to the game engine and game engine will direct this value to Graphic Engine to display and arrange the cards. Game Number and Unique Game Layout Each number represents a unique shuffle and cards layout. So in future if you select the same number then you will get the same game and card layout. So each shuffle no represent a unique game arrangement so it is called game number. Manual Game Number Selection and System Generated Shuffle No. Game number can be selected in two ways. Either you can manually enter a  number in the valid range or you can leave it to the solitaire game engine and it will create a random game number for you within the allowed limit. To play solitaire game first you will click on the new game button or select game button. According to this game engine will call game shuffle algorithm to create a number or take the manually entered number and create the card layout and direct the graphic engine to display the cards. System Generated Game Number When you click on the New Game button game engine call the random game generating algorithm to create a new game number. This shuffle algorithm take current date and time as input so each time when you select a new game a totally unique game number is guaranteed. Setting Random Range Limit You can also set the maximum limit of this random range. In options window there is a Random Range Selector. With this you can set a random range according to your choice. This range selector has many values lie 9, 99, 999 ... etc For e.g. if you set the random range limit to 9 then game engine directs shuffle algorithm to create a random game number between 1 and 9. So if random range is set to 9 and when you click on New Game button you will get a game number between 1 and 9. This is especially useful if you want to small game numbers which are easy to remember. Restarting Game Number With restart button you can restart the current game and shuffle. When you click on the restart button or menu item game engine will feed the same game name and number and redraw the game one again and move the game pointer to move number 0. Storing a Game Number When you save a a game to favorites list it stores the game or shuffles number too. likewise when you move a game to pending list or when a game is saved with autosave or manual save, the game shuffle number also stored. So when you open these game later you will get the same game layout and card arrangements.