Balance Frequency 360Hz + Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz : Deep Healing | Emotional Balance | Meditation

Balance Frequency 360Hz

360Hz is popularly called balance frequency as it helps to balance the whole system. Listening to this tone regularly brink balance in all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. It comes in the low mid range of the audio spectrum which is 250 to 500Hz. So it is easy listen as tones in these range are very pleasant for ears. Lower harmonics of most of the musical instruments come in this range. It also believed to improve happiness and raise overall positive energy.

Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz

We have already discussed about 7.83Hz is many of the previous posts. Schumann resonances are low frequency vibrations from earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. There are many ones but 7.83Hz is the prominent one. Mother Earth is associated with root chakra, grounding, stability and all physical well being. So tuning to earth tone is extremely beneficial and that is why we include earth’s frequencies in many of our videos. Schumann Resonances are also called earth’s heart beats or earth’s ohm. Compared to human body earth is so huge. So it’s magnetic field and vibrations have so much influence on us.

Emotional Balance & Emotional Intelligence

This is one of the most important thing lacking in the modern life. Compared to our ancestors nowadays we are bombarded with too much data or information. It creates too much imbalance in our system as we are feeding too much data than our brains can handle. So is is very important to keep an emotional balance or improve the emotional intelligence. Being aware of our own emotions and manage them in a gentle, honest, and wise is called emotional balance. A person with high emotional intelligence will be able to manage his/her emotions very well. It is also called emotional self control. It helps to manage his/her emotions and impulses even in stressful situations. Four key stills to improve emotional balance are Self-management, Self-awareness, Social awareness and Relationship management.

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