Accelerate Healing with No Mind or Void or Trance State : Power of Empty Mind : Amplify Natural Healing

What is Void or No Mind State ?

Usually whenever we are awake mind will be full of thoughts. It is like a railways station – one by one thoughts will be coming and going without even our conscious awareness. What is the problem in it ? There are 2 main problem with this mind filled with these cluster of thoughts. First thing is every thought drain energy. It is a physical process in the brain and it definitely drain our energy like any other process. As per studies an average 65,000 thoughts come to a person’s mind everyday! So guess how much energy thoughts drain everyday! And the funniest part is 99% of these thoughts are unnecessary ones.

Use Mind Only When Necessary

We keep on thinking about unrelated and unnecessary thing most of the time. As per Yogic books mind should be used like a dust bin. Use it only when it is necessary and keep safe distance rest of the time. But especially in modern times we sit in this dust bin whenever we are awake. Also when too much use of mind leads to too much dreams while sleeping. So ultimately we use mind 24 hours without much breaks and this drain our lots of valuable energy.

Attachment & Aversion

Another problem with too much mind usage is we tend to get attached to some thoughts and feel unhappy with some other thoughts. This will make emotional fluctuations in the body. Attachment seems to look pleasant but one day it will bring unhappiness too. For example if you are attached to a person, a small negative reaction from him/her will create too much negative emotions in you. So both attachment and aversion are not good. As per the yogic texts world should be lived like watching a possession. Enjoy it fully without getting involved. Then you will be happy always.

No Mind or Void or Trance State

So it is very important to reduce thoughts. It will greatly improve your life. It is called no mind or void state or trance state. As per vedanta infinite amount of energy lying inside each one of us and it is covered with cluster of thoughts. So to release the ultimate power inside we need to calm down the mind. When the blocking thoughts subside, the infinite energy starts to illuminate and this is called enlightenment in eastern tradition. So practice No Mind state at least 15-30 minutes every day and it will make drastic improvements in your life.

How to Enter Void State

There are so many methods to enter this beautiful state. You have to try one by one to find out which one will work for you. Some people use frequencies or brainwaves to enter this theta and delta states. Another way is to keep repeating affirmations like “I am Pure Awareness” or “I am Pure Consciousness”. You can also record it using your mobile phone voice recorder and your own voice then play it in a loop.

Accelerated Natural Healing in Void State

The most important thing about void state is body’s natural healing mechanism will work at its best level during this period as there is no disturbance from the mind. Normally mind keep on working and this will create negative effect on healing as mind is always tend to be on the negative side. Human body has a very sophisticated mechanism for healing. Our immune system can take care of any illness and fully capable to restore body to its original perfect state but mind will not allow. All negativity resides in the mind – fear, doubt, anxiety, worries – and these things serious affect the performance of our natural defending mechanism too. So when mind is idle body will be free to do its job and it will do it with 100% perfection.

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