Popular Money Frequencies : Jupiter 183.58 & 473.9, Solfeggio 528 & 639, Miracle 432 & Angelic 888

From ancient period people believed that tuning to some specific tones bring more luck and prosperity. Ancient time they used bells and other such things to make tones. Now with advent of modern technologies it is very easy to create and listen to any tone any time. You can listen to it while driving a car or doing your work or while relaxing at home. With the advent of social media and other audio and video sharing sites like YouTube so much content related to this are available free of cost. Only thing is you have to believe it 100%. Then definitely it will work for you. You can find thousands of such success stories in related forums and comments sections written by people all over the world irrespective of religion, cast and region. Here I discuss about some popular frequencies related to money, wealth and abundance.

Jupiter Spinning Frequency : 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz

When it is about money frequency first thing come to everybody’s mind is Planet Jupiter. From very ancient period people worshiped Jupiter for wealth and prosperity. In India there are many temples for Planet Jupiter. Also almost all temples in India have a separate section for All 9 planets or Navagrahas. 183.58Hz and 473.9Hz are spinning frequencies of Planet Jupiter. Many people believe that when you are perfectly tuned to these tones miracles will happen.

Solfeggio 528Hz and 639Hz

Many frequencies from the ancient solfeggio scale are also used for law of attraction and manifesting money. Two tones – 528Hz and 639Hz are believed to be more associated with money and wealth. Some people use 963Hz also for manifesting wealth. 528Hz has so many benefits like heal golden chakra, DNA repair, whole body cell repair, emotional and physical healing, raise positive vibrations, positive transformation, energy boost and aura cleanse etc. 639Hz also associated with so many things like raise positive energy, attract love, reconnecting or harmonize relationships, open up and heal heart chakra etc

Miracle Cosmic Tone 432Hz

432Hz is one of the most popular frequency on the net and favorite of many frequency lovers. It is strongly associated with law of attraction and manifestation of wealth and abundance. It believed to heal body and soul, repair DNA, manifest miracles, raise positive vibrations, cleanse aura, raise positive energy etc

Angelic 888Hz

Angelic 888Hz also strongly associated with wealth and prosperity. It is widely used for manifesting money and abundance. As per numerology, angel numbers are a repetitive sequence of numbers—111, 222, 333, 444 etc. If you are repeatedly seeing them then universe is conveying a message. Each such number has unique meaning and significance.

If you are keen on manifesting money and wealth with frequencies then you can choose any one of these frequencies or a mix. There are many such videos in our YouTube Channel and other channels. Listen to it at lease once per day for few weeks. Don’t expect any big change in 1-2 days. It will take some time. It is like planting seeds. It will germinate at right time and right environment. Don’t get disappointed if result doesn’t come in 1-2 weeks or months. Keep on trying. Definitely it will work.

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