Frequency Healing : Dos and Don’ts : Healing with Sound Waves

Frequency Healing

Healing with sound waves is not a new thing. From ancient period people used different sound healing methods to heal and regenerate body like temple bells. But problem is even today there is not much scientific evidence for it. Not much studies happened in this topic as it is not very logical if think in tune with modern science. But if you check the frequency healing success stories and comments from users in forums and video/audio sharing sites like YouTube you can find that it worked for thousands of people perfectly. So only way to find it is working is not is to try it out. Since it doesn’t have any side effects like modern medicine you can easily test it out.

When to Use Sound Therapy?

Healing with sound may not work quickly like modern medicine. So if you have enough time and patience then you can try it. If your symptoms are severe then you must consult a doctor first. Problems like infection which can accelerate very quickly it is better to try modern medicine first especially viral infection which can become fatal very quickly. In my opinion don’t wait for alternate therapies as they work very slowly. But for general issues like parasites, fungus etc you can try frequency healing. For a wide range of diseases there is no treatment in modern medicine. In such cases too you can try frequency healing.

Healing with Sound

It may be a new information for most of the viewers but it was mainly discovered by Dr Royal Rife almost a century back. But after that nothing much happened in this field. Now with the advent of internet and social media this is again getting momentum. Now we have many modern devices so listening to a sound is very easy with such portable devices. Main thing with frequency healing is approach it with 100% belief. If you listen with full of doubts in your mind it may not work.

Frequency Healing Dos and Don’ts

The most important thing is while listening drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. Normally frequency videos doesn’t create any side effects but if you feel any discomfort then stop listening. Be consistent with it. It may not work in 1-2 days. Don’t loose patience. In between if your symptoms become worse then consult a doctor. Also it is better to try only for simple problems initially. It is not recommended for life threatening diseases. Sound Therapy is not a legally approved treatment method. Keep that too in mind.

How to Listen : Headphones or Speaker ?

If it is modulated in the binaural way then headphones are must. In binaural modulated audio different frequencies in left and right channels so without headphones it is useless. For other modulations like isochronic speakers are also ok. But if you are using speakers better use a Bluetooth speaker and keep it very close to your body. Vibration from the speaker should reach your cells. Then only it will work perfectly. Be it headphone or speaker always use a good quality one. Low quality devices won’t reproduce frequencies correctly – especially the lower and upper ends of the audio spectrum.

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2 thoughts on “Frequency Healing : Dos and Don’ts : Healing with Sound Waves”

  1. I have a Perl plasma Rife machine and I notice that when I use it (often while I’m asleep), I do become extremely thirsty. Can you explain how the frequencies seem to use up water in the body?

    1. Hi.. sorry for the delay in reply.. i dont check this blog daily.. pl comment in my youtube channel for a quick reply.. when you listen to healing freqs natural healing and regenerative processes will be accelerated and that consume lots water to cleanup cells etc.. so when you listen to freqs it is important to drink lots of water..

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