Rife Dental Infection Cure All Tones @ Nogier 1.14Hz & Abraham’s 1.5Hz & Epsilon 0.3Hz

Dental Infection

It originates in the tooth or its supporting structures and can spread to the surrounding areas if left untreated. A tooth abscess or dental abscess is a build up of pus that forms inside the tooth or gum. Mostly it will be a bacterial infection. There are 3 types of dental abscess – Gingival, periodontal and periapical. If plaque is not removed with regular proper brushing bacteria can spread inside soft tissue and eventually become an abscess. Main treatment in modern medicine for dental abscess is root canal surgery. Some common symptoms of dental infection are Severe, persistent, throbbing toothache, fever, Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures etc

Rife Cure All Dental Frequencies

This video is a mix of all Rife frequencies related to dental problems like dental infection – roots and gums infections, toothache, general dental problems etc. It is a mix of 5 different rife frequency sets and 70 tones. Listen to it at least 2-3 times day to get a remarkable relief. If your symptoms are not going in 1-2 days please consult a doctor. Please note this is not a replacement for general treatment. Also drink more water while listening to frequencies to avoid dehydration.

Nogier 1.14Hz & Abraham’s 1.5Hz & Epsilon 0.3Hz

Apart from above mentioned Rife tones this video includes 3 special tones too. Nogier 1.14Hz is a great healing tone. It is useful for large number of diseases. Abraham’s 1.5Hz also a popular healing tone. Both are in the delta brainwave range. So while listening it will take brain to a deep sleep like relaxed and meditative state. Immune system will work at its peak level when brain is at delta brainwave range. So apart from rife tones these tones also accelerate healing in the body. Another important tone included is Epsilon 0.3Hz which is also very relaxing and healing which comes below the delta range.

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