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Void State or Empty Mind or No Mind

What is void state ? It is a state in which mind is fully blank or empty. We have unlimited energy lying inside and it is covered with our mind or thoughts. All our negativity sits in mind and it is the main obstruction to achieve something great in life. We think that mind is our friend and all other things in this world first generated in somebody’s mind. That is true but at the same time too much thoughts are the main hindrance too when it comes to the internal world. Outside world is an illusion and mind is exaggerating it. So life long we will be intoxicated with this illusion of the outside world and never realized the much much valuable treasure siting inside.

To access this invaluable treasure you need to stop the mind and focus on few thoughts. Then only the power will come out. In ancient period yogis and rishies explored more in the inside world and achieved so much in the inside world. But now in the modern world we are too much outbound. Technologically we are so much advanced now but our previous generations lived a much much peaceful lives than us. Peace and permanent happiness will come only from inside. You will not get it outside. Whatever happiness we get from material things are transient. So when you enter the void state or remove all thoughts then a vast arena of possibilities open to you.

How to Enter Void State

There are many methods to enter the void state like meditation, affirmations, breathing exercises, listening to particular frequencies or brainwaves etc. The simplest thing is keep repeating some affirmations like ‘I am pure consciousness’, ‘I am pure awareness’, ‘I am pure bliss’ etc. You can also listen to some binaural or isochronic brainwaves like theta or delta. This will take brain to a meditative state. There are so many delta and theta brainwave meditation videos available in YouTube and other audio/video sharing sites.

Thoughts Alone Can Create Miracles

We normally don’t understand the power of thought. We don’t give enough attention to that. We think so many unnecessary things daily and that the main distraction. So idea is to stop all unnecessary thoughts and concentrate on 1-2 thoughts. That will create miracles. It is like focusing sunlight using a lens. When sunlight is focused using a lens it can even burn a paper. Similarly if you give all your power to a single thought it will do wonderful things for you. On an average 65,000 thoughts come to our mind and most of them are unnecessary too. So to achieve something big in life you must limit your thoughts and concentrate on some really positive thoughts.

How to Manifest in Void State

So sit in a comfortable position with back strait and keep repeating the above mentioned affirmations. Within few minutes you will feel an emptiness in the mind. You can also cover your eyes with a black cloth or sit in a dark room. Once you feel that mind is fully empty think about the things want in your life or want to achieve. If you are looking more more money then visualize you are living a better life with more money in hand. Visualize everything as if you have achieved everything. Live in your dream reality. Don’t allow any other thoughts to come to your mind. Think only relating thoughts. Practice this daily for few weeks. You will definitely get some good results.

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