10 Reasons Why The Law of Attraction isn’t Working For You

Law of attraction works, if you do approach it properly. You can find thousands of success stories of LOA in social media and other such sites. If it is not working for you then these may be the reasons.

1. Your Beliefs, Thoughts and Feelings are not in Harmony

For law of attraction to work these 3 things to be in perfect harmony – thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Many people things that thoughts alone create the future but the perfect alignment of these 3 makes the future. Thoughts without enough feeling will not make much change in life. So try to align these 3 things.

2. You have Limiting Beliefs

Human life is so special and we are truly unlimited. No other creature on this planet enjoy this unique feature. for every other creature there is a bottom line and top line but for us there is only bottom line. We have unlimited capabilities and that is why humans achieved so far in science and technology especially in the last few decades. Our possibilities are unlimited but mind is the main limiting factor. We live in a self made jail. We only need to realize this truth to achieve big in life. So reprogram your subconscious mind to change your life with affirmations or such tools.

3. Consistency is the Key

Changing impressions in the subconscious mind takes time. It will not happen overnight. It depends on the strength of the current impressions. It needs consistent effort. Then only you can replace current beliefs with new ones. So be consistent. Do something at least daily once like listening to positive affirmations, visualizing etc.

4. Doubt

If you try manifestation techniques with full of doubts in mind then it will not work. You need to believe in it 100%. So train your mind accordingly. Many people try law of attraction with a skeptical mind and tell that it is not working. That way it will not work. First you have to be very clear about it. So change your perspective from a place of doubt to a place of belief.

5. Patience

You need to have patience to work it for you. It may not happen overnight. It is like planting a seed. It will germinate at proper time. You need to give enough time for it. Don’t give up in 1-2 days or 1-2 weeks. Sometimes it will work immediately or it may take weeks or months. So patience is another important factor in Law of Attraction.

6. Tweak Your Affirmations

You have to be very careful about your affirmations. Make it in present tense and visualize as if you have already having it. Don’t use past or future tense. Also don’t use negative words. Instead of “I am not sad” use “I am Happy”. Also don’t say i will get lots of money, instead say ‘ i have lots of money’.

7. Gratitude

This is another important thing in law of attraction – be thankful for what you have, then universe will shower you with more and more. Every time you express gratitude you are raising the positive vibrations. So gratitude and appreciation are 2 important factors of LOA.

8. Be one with the Universal Energy

Law of attraction works only when you are fully aligned with the universal energy. You need to completely dissolve the ego in the infinite universal intelligence. If we think as a separate entity it will not work. As a separate self our potential is limited but as an infinite intelligence we are truly unlimited. Keep repeating affirmations like ‘I am pure consciousness’, ‘I am pure awareness’, ‘I am part of God’, ‘I am part of Everything’ etc.

9. Feelings

In law of attraction feelings are the most important thing. Thousands of thoughts come to our mind daily. So thoughts without feelings will not create much impacts. So practice manifestation techniques with full of feelings. Then definitely it will work. Feelings connected to thoughts generate reality – not just thoughts as many believe. So learn the art of energizing your dreams with beliefs, thoughts and feelings – then it will work 100%.

10. Concentrate on your Dream Reality

Always concentrate on your dream reality. be consistent with it. Don’t allow negative thoughts to overpower it. Normally people listen to affirmation or other LOA techniques for few minutes and rest of the day their mind will be filled with full of negative thoughts. On an average 65,000 thoughts come to our mind. So in that if you make 100 thoughts positive and leave rest negative then nothing will happen. So try to be positive all the time.

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