Attract Money & Wealth with Subliminal Affirmations with Jupiter Tone 183.58Hz

Jupiter Frequency 183.58Hz

As per Indian astrology and many ancient texts Jupiter is the planet for money, wealth and abundance. From ancient period people worshiped Jupiter for prosperity and wealth. All planets an stars radiate massive amounts of energy. Since Sun and planets in our solar system are near to us compared to others in this Universe they can create massive impact in our life. We are living in a field created with these energies. So we cannot escape from that. But if we are aligned to that then it will improve our life. Jupiter spinning frequency is 183.58Hz. So when we listen to this we get aligned to planet Jupiter.

Subliminal Money Affirmations with Jupiter Tone

In this video subliminal money affirmations also mixed with Jupiter tone 183.58Hz – which normally you will not find anywhere else. So you will get the added advantage of subliminal affirmations with Jupiter tone. Subliminal affirmations works better compared to normal affirmations because the whole process happens without the knowledge of the conscious mind. Normally conscious mind acts like a gatekeeper and will not allow most of the messages to the subconscious. It do a logical checking for the every data coming through the senses. But in the case of subliminal messages it will reach straightaway in the subconscious mind. There is no logical checking in the subconscious and it will write whatever comes to its way to the permanent memory. But depends on the current subconscious mind impression’s strength it will take some time to fully change. This way you can change your addictions, habits, behavior, attitude etc

Consistency is the Key in Subconscious Mind Reprogramming

Many people start subconscious mind reprogramming with lots of enthusiasm and will slowly loose interest when there is no result in few days or weeks. Consistency is the key. It may not happen in 1 day or 1 week or 1 month. Depends on your current impression’s strength it will take some time – but definitely it will happen if you continue to hold on to it till you succeed. So consistency is the key – do it without loosing hope. Don’t expect a result in few days or weeks. Keep on listening with a positive mind – result will happen definitely. You can find law of attraction success stories in social media and other such sites. As per law of attraction whatever you want to achieve already exists. You only need to attract that to your life. For that belief and consistent effort is enough. You can find many lottery winning success stories in our videos. So if you believe and work on it without loosing hope it will happen. That is 100% sure.

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