Rife Fungus & Mold Relief 100% Pure Tones @ 1Hz : Delta Meditation

Fungal & Mold Infection

Fungal and mold infections are very common in all age groups irrespective of geographic locations. A fungal infection is a skin disease caused by a fungus. There are millions of species of fungi. Mild fungal infection looks like a rash and is very common. Aspergillosis is an infection caused by a type of mold. Symptoms of mold exposure are mainly headache, sore throat, runny nose, coughing etc

Rife Frequencies for Mold and Fungal Infection

These frequencies are discovered by Dr Royal Rife almost a century back. Rife CAFL list contains thousands of such frequencies for various diseases. Even though frequency healing is not a legal treatment method in many countries, thousands of people get relief from these tones. You can see so many testimonials and success stories with rife tones in our YouTube video comments section and other such channels.

This is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. For many diseases there is no cure in the modern medicine. For that issues you can try alternative therapies like frequency healing. Also with your primary treatment parallelly you can try this healing with sound method too. Please remember if your symptoms are severe first consult a doctor.

1Hz Delta Brainwave Isochronic Meditation

Above mentioned Rife tones are again modulated to 1Hz deltra brainwave. Brain moves to delta range of tones only during deep sleep. Body’s healing and regenerative mechanism will be at full swing during this period. Immune system works at its best level as body and mind are fully free from all distractions. When we induce the same delta tone from outside brain will slowly move into this state within few minutes. So apart from the benefits of rife tones this gives an added advantage listening to this video. Also since it is modulated in the isochronic way headphones are not required. You can listen it with a good quality speakers too. In fact speakers are recommended because this contains pure tones and some tones may be very harsh to ears.

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