Rife Parasite Cleanse 100% Pure Tones Full Mix @ 1Hz Delta Isochronic Meditation

Parasite Cleanse with Frequencies

There are many methods for parasite cleanse like fasting, cutting down sugary foods and grains, fasting, eating parasite killing foods etc. Parasite Killing with frequencies is another proven method. We have so many videos in our YouTube channel for parasite cleanse using Dr Royal Rife frequencies and we used to get many success stories in comments sections and mail from our viewers. If you think from the scientific view there may not be enough support for frequency healing. But practically it will work. You can check it out the comments sections of our videos. Science is still in early stages. So there is a vast world beyond science too.

Rife Parasite Cleanse Full Mix

This video contains many sets from Rife CAFL List like parasite general set, comprehensive, short set, alternative tc. We mixed all these sets and made a combined video so it will work more effectively. Please note that this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If your symptoms are severe then first consult a doctor and you can use this in addition to the primary treatment.

Frequency Healing with Pure Tones

Most of our videos including this one frequencies are its pure tone – without any distortions. In many of frequency related videos in YouTube background music will be prominent and the original frequency will be at a very low volume. That will be very pleasant for ears but the effectiveness will be very very less. For a frequency healing video the main purpose of healing. So we always give priority for that. So pure tones will be prominent on our videos. So our videos may not be very pleasant to hear.

Parasite Cleanse – A Lifelong process

Many of our viewers ask this questions – How long i have to listen to this video ? We always say -no such limit because parasite cleanse is a lifelong process. when you take some parasite cleanse measure like above mentioned ones that will kill the parasites but within hours or days it will regroup again. No treatment can kill them 100%. It is impossible. So only we can do is keep it under control. So you have to take regular measures – at least weekly once – eat parasite killings foods, listen to frequencies, fasting etc and eat more healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, stop or reduce sugary foods and grains etc.

1Hz Isochronic Delta Meditations

Above mentioned Rife tones are modulated again to 1Hz which is a delta brainwave tone. Normally we go to delta range only during deep sleep. So when you induce delta tone from outside within few minutes brain will be tuned to this frequency. As per scientific studies there are so many health benefits when your brain is synced to delta tones. Healing will be at peak and immune system will work at its peak level as body and mind will be completely free from all distractions. So body will get full power and time to concentrate on healing and regeneration. This is modulated in the isochronic mode instead of binaural so headphones are not compulsory.

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