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Lottery Winning Music

This is actually an old video from my money channel (Zone Money). I am posting it now because I am getting good response and testimonials for this video from viewers. Lots of views and comments for this video in recent weeks. You can check out all that comments in the video comments section in YouTube. Some people shared their success stories with this video too.

Law of Attraction Do’s and Don’ts

As per law of attraction theory we don’t need to create anything new in t his world. Whatever we want already exists. We only have to attract it to our life. That is the essence of law of attraction. You can find so many success stories of LOA in YouTube and other social media sites. The main thing is it may not work in 1-2 days. Consistency is the key. It may work in next moment or after many months. It depends. You should not give up even if there is no visible results. It is like planting a seed. Seed will sit there idle until it get the right environment to germinate. Also you should believe it 100%. If you are skeptical about it or listen it with full of doubts then it will not work.

Subliminal Affirmations to Attract Big Money

In this video affirmations are in a below audible level – technically called as subliminal messages. Even though it is inaudible to conscious mind, subconscious mind will pick and implement it if you are consistent with it. That is the theory behind subliminals. If works better that normal affirmations because when you listen normal messages, conscious mind will block most of the affirmations. It always to a logical check and pass only very limited amount of data to the subconscious mind. But there is no cross checking in the subconscious. So somehow you can take it to the subconscious then it will become a part of you. Submiminals are the best way to do it. Even people use it to change their behavior, body shape etc.

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