Ear Fungus Relief Rife Frequencies : Heal Ear Fungal Infection with Sound Waves

Ear Fungal Infection

It is a very common problems affecting millions of people. Ear Fungal Infection or Otomycosis normally affects one or both ears. It normally affects people living in the warm areas, or who swim regularly or people with diabetes or other chronic health conditions. Common symptoms are ear pain, redness, swelling, inflammation, hearing problems, ringing in the ears etc. 60 different types of fungi can create ear fungal infection including Aspergillus and candida. Fungus like Aspergillus found everywhere and it won’t create problems in most of the people. It normally create problems in people with weakened immune system.

Prevention of Fungal Ear Infection

Fungi are everywhere, indoor, outdoor, in the air we breathe etc. So we cannot stay away from them – only thing we can do is to take some preventive measures to avoid its overgrowth or infection. Main thing is to keep you immune system perfect. Our body has a highly sophisticated mechanism to fight against foreign bodies like fungus, virus, bacteria etc. But due to the unhealthy lifestyle we are not allowing the immune system to work at its best level. So do everything to help the body and immune system to work at its peak levels.

Include more healthy foods in your diet – more fruits and vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds, leafy vegetables etc. Avoid or reduce sugar, alcohol, salt, complex carbs like grains, processed foods etc. Be physically active – do exercise daily and keep mind calm – practice meditation, breathing exercise etc. Both physical and mental health affects our overall health – not only for ear cure for the general wellness of the body. In today’s modern life health is the most precious thing.

Heal Fungal Ear Infection with Frequency 854Hz

This video contains Dr Royal Rife frequency 854Hz to cure ear fungal infection. This tone is very beneficial for ear fungus as we received so many success stories from our visitors in our YouTube channel. But please remember that this is not a replacement for mainstream treatment. If your infection is not going in 1-2 days please consult a doctor. You can use this in addition to your primary treatment too. Also drink enough water while listening to avoid dehydration.

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