Rife Cure All Meditative Mix & Rife Cure All 727Hz Pure Tone

Rife Cure all Meditative Mix

Even though there are so many frequencies in the Dr Royal Rife frequency healing list, some have special significance. They are called Cure All tones. They are useful for hundreds of diseases or can be used for virtually for almost all diseases. That is why they are called cure all tones. Many people listen to these tones regularly as a preventive measure too. These can be used for regeneration and detoxifying too. Tones are 20, 727, 787, 800, 880, 5000 and 10000Hz. There are many videos in our channel containing these 7 frequencies but this video is a different one. It is a meditative mix of all the cure all tones. You can use it for meditation as well as healing.

Rife Cure All 727Hz Pure Tone

727Hz is the most popular tone in the Rife list and in the cure all tones too according to the number of diseases it can heal. As per the Rife CAFL list it can be used for 240 diseases like allergy, backache, candida, cold, dental infection, parasites, eye disorders, hypertension and so on. Please check the Rife CAFL document for full diseases list which is available in many sites. 727Hz is playing in this video in 100% pure form – without any distortion. You will find hundreds of frequency healing relaxed videos in YouTube and such audio and video sharing sites. But most of them are diluted with background music and that will seriously impact its efficiency.

So in most of my videos I give more emphasis to healing tones than background music because our main aim is healing not listening to a relaxing music. Unfortunately even for healing people prefer such diluted videos as it is easy to listen. But if your primary intention is healing go for pure tones or videos with less background music because that works best.

Frequency Healing or Sound Therapy

Since we all are over conditioned by scientific studies during our school and college day we always wonder how frequency healing will work. Still it is a mystery but it works. You can check the testimonials in our YouTube video comments section. Thing is science and we are yet to travel a long path – still we are in early stages compared to this vast universe and its mystery. Still we know only less than 1% of this universe. Science helped us a lot in improving our life especially in that last 50 to 100 years but it is not complete. So sometimes we have to think beyond science too. Everything in the universe is vibrating all the time including our body. So vibration is the core thing. Even our body is an energy center. So external vibration also can affect us as well as other foreign bodies inside us like virus, bacteria, fungus etc.

Frequency healing is not a replacement for mainstream treatment as this is still in the early stages. Not much research happened in this field. So this is not a replacement for mainstream treatment. If your persistent symptoms please consult a doctor first. Then you can use it in addition to the primary treatment. Also drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

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