Rife Cure All 100% Pure Tones : Sequential Mode @ 6Hz Theta

Rife Cure All 100% Pure Tones

There are thousands of videos containing Rife tones in YouTube and other such audio and video sharing sites but most of them are diluted with background music or other such things. Pure rife tones are difficult to listen. That is why creators are adding extra music to make it more attractive to listen. But then it looses it primary intention. When it becomes diluted its efficiency also reduced many fold. So the actual aim of the video/audio fails to achieve its goal. Only pure tones works perfectly even though they are not easy to listen or not pleasant for ears. So that is the main question before the creators when making such audios/videos – make it more pleasant or make it more efficient. Most of my videos i choose the second method but viewers unknowingly this fact always prefer the first method. This video contains all Rife Cure All tones in 100% pure form – 20, 727, 787, 800, 880, 5000 and 10000Hz.

Sequential Mode

In this video tones are played in sequential mode – one at a time. In our channel you can find many different mixing modes like simultaneous, fast mix, isochronic, binaural etc. Sequential mode also a very effective mode of mixing as each tones played separately and in pure form. It is individuals choice which mode they like. For every set of Rife and other healing frequency sets yo can find different modulated videos in our channel.

6Hz Theta Brainwaves

Human brain operates at different frequencies depends on our activity, mood etc. During deep sleep brain will be at delta which is below 4Hz. When we wake up it slowly moves up and passes through theta and alpha and moves to higher frequencies like beta, gamma etc. These frequencies are called brainwaves. Same frequencies we can induce from outside and move brain to that state. For eg. if you are very active then you can induce theta, delta or alpha from outside and enter a meditative or relaxed state. This is called brainwave entrainment. In this video 6Hz theta brainwaves are used. It is very relaxing mode of the brain and subconscious mind will be very much accessible during this period. So you can club some affirmations video too with this to re-program the subconscious mind.

Frequency Healing

Please note that this is not a replacement for the mainstream treatment. If you have any serious issues please consult a doctor first. Also drink more water while listening to avoid dehydration. Frequencies mentioned above are believed to be effective for 100s of diseases. You can find the diseases list in the Rife CAFL page. You can listen to this even if you don’t have any health issues too – as a preventive measure. It will help body to detoxify and regenerate. Human body has a sophisticated mechanism to fight against foreign objects and remove harmful substances from the cells. These kind of external triggers will accelerate such processes.

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