Money Meditation with Jupiter Spinning Frequency + Relaxing Music

Jupiter Spinning Frequencies

Jupiter is the planet for money, wealth and prosperity. From ancient period people worshiped Jupiter for wealth and abundance. In India there are many temples for Jupiter and almost every temple there is a section for 9 planets and they worshiped as gods for general well being. There are 2 frequencies associated with Jupiter – 183.58Hz and 473.9Hz. In this video first tone is used. In Indian astrology too our financial status depends on the position of the Jupiter in our birth chart.

Jupiter Transit or Guru Peyarchi or Guru Gochar

Jupiter changes its position in a person’s birth chart in every 12-13 months. This transition is called Jupiter Transit, Guru Peyarchi or Guru Gochar. As per vedic astrology this is a very important event as his financial status changes according to Jupiter’s new position in his birth chart. Some positions it will bring positive outcomes, some negative and rest neutral. People who interested in astrology keep on tracking positions of all important planets and their transitions in their birth chart.

Money Meditation with Relaxing Music

Apart from the Jupiter tone this includes a very relaxing music which will take brain to a very relaxed or meditative state. You can use this also as a sleep music or for meditation or can be clubbed with some money or general affirmation audio or video with this. This relaxing music will take you to a relaxed state and thus subconscious mind will be very much accessible during this period. So affirmations will work best at this time.

Attracting Money with Frequencies

There are many frequencies associated with money and wealth like the ones mentioned above, then miracle tone 432Hz, Solfeggio 639Hz, Angelic 888Hz etc. Whatever you tone you use your mindset is the most important thing. You should believe in it completely. Also don’t expect millions flow to you in 1-2 days as some people promises. You need to keep on listening and slowly your financial status will change. Also don’t think that money will flow just like that. It may be like new ideas, new business opportunities, new contracts etc. You need to act accordingly to get the results.

Mindset About Money

Mindset about money is extremely important if you are serious about improving your financial status. If you are so much negative about money then none of the methods will work. If you think that you don’t deserve big money or you are incapable of making big then it will not work. Universe will give only what you wish and dream. As per experts 65,000 thoughts come to our mind and note that even a though is equal to a prayer. If you wish and pray for 10 minutes every day for more money and rest of the day you keep worrying about your financial problems then the negative worries and thoughts overpower the positive prayers.

Reprogram Subconscious Mind

So try to think about positive money and wealth all the time. Affirmations are the best think to keep positivity in the mind. Subconscious mind is million times powerful than conscious mind. So if you have hard coded negativity about money in the subconscious mind then you need to keep on listening to affirmations to change it. Most of us have been conditioned negative about money in the childhood. Also when there is a failure in life that also will be added to the subconscious mind. These impressions dictates our future decisions and life. It is like a self made prison. Actually it does not exists. You need to realize about this imaginary prison and come out of it to make anything big in life.

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