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Healing and Regeneration Rife Tones

There are many rife frequency sets for healing different diseases but this set is a general one which can be used for healing in general and regeneration of the body. Our body has full capacity to heal and regenerate itself. But due to our unhealthy lifestyle and unwanted fluctuations like worries, tension and anxiety, this natural healing mechanism can be severely affected. So body needs an external stimulus to speed up or accelerate the natural healing and regenerative process.

Methods to Accelerate Body’s Natural Healing and Regenerative Process

There are many steps you can take to speed up the natural healing and regeneration. Basically you need to give body some rest or enough time to concentrate on healing. When mind is overactive body spend more time on healing the mind. When there is an infection in the body and worry in the mind, body gives first priority to calm down the mind. So body has to slow down or post pone the healing process.

Similarly if you over eat daily -especially more grains – then body has to work extra time for digestive processes. Problem is body cannot do multiple things at a time. Complex carbohydrate like rice, wheat etc takes long time to digest and if you eat these foods heavily 3 times a day then that will eat up body’s majority of time for digestion. Here comes the importance of fasting once in a while. Also reduce intake of complex carbs, sugar, alcohol, salt, processed foods etc.

Lear the Art of Mind Management

Mind and Intellect are wonderful tools which separate us from other species but use it very carefully. As per studies 65,000 thoughts come to our mind daily and most of them are negative too. Every though drain our energy. It is like doing a physical action.

So if you live in the mind always that drain most of our energy. Learn and practice some mind management techniques like pranayama, meditation, breathing exercises etc. Rishis say mind to be used like a dustbin – use it only when required. But problem is in modern world – with too much of data from the outside – we are living in that dustbin.

Eat Healthy Foods, Drink More Water and Get Enough Sleep

Another things you can do to speed up healing and regeneration are include more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, herbs, anti-oxidant rich foods etc, drink enough water, get enough sleep. Body’s natural healing system work at its best during sleep. So get at least 6-8 hours sleep daily and also note that you should go to sleep with empty stomach. So eat dinner at least 3-4 hours before bed time. Even during sleep if stomach is full body will concentrate on digestion and related processes. So basically we have to make body fully free, then it will automatically concentrate on healing, detoxifying and regenerative processes.

This video is not a replacement for general treatment. If you have any major symptoms please consult a doctor first. Also please remember to drink enough water while listening to avoid dehydration.

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