Full Body Detox with 25 Rife Frequencies

Full Body Detox

Our body is fully capable of removing all toxins and unwanted harmful substances without any external help. But due to our poor diet, stressful life and negative mindset body’s natural detoxifying mechanism get severely affected. That is why we need an external stimulation to enhance or accelerate body’s natural detoxifying process. Body has a powerful and sophisticated mechanism to eliminate harmful substance comprising or many organs like liver, kidneys, lungs, digestive system, skin etc.

Steps to Speed up Body’s Detox Process

Many things you can do to speed up body’s natural detoxifying process like eating only healthy foods or avoid processed foods, reduce sugar and salt intake, limit alcohol, eat more anti-oxidant rich foods, fast once in a while – may be weekly once or something like that, drink more water and make sure you are fully hydrated all the time. It is better to drink more water in the morning period and reduce the intake gradually as day process and lowest during night time, get enough sleep daily – 6 to 8 hours minimum, practice some mind calming techniques like meditation, pranayama or other breathing techniques etc.

Stress – Root Cause of All Health Problems

Actually stress is to manage some life threatening situation like an animal attack. When you are stressed body will be shifted to fight or flight mode – it will increase blood pumping, blood sugar level, more blood to brain and legs/hands and stop unimportant functions for that moment like digestion, saliva creation etc. Once the threat is over – which normally happens in 5-10 minutes and then body will be restored to its original state. This mode is called sympathetic mode. Body’s sympathetic nervous system will be overactive during this period.

Internal vs External Threat

But problem is body cannot differentiate an external threat like above mentioned and an internal threat created by by pure mind and imagination. So when you are worried about a family issue or work related problem same thing happens. Unfortunately in modern life we are in a stressful situation most of the time. This leads to prolonged high sugar levels and fast blood pumping etc. That is the main cause of heart problems and diabetes and such lifestyle diseases even in young people.

Full Body Detox with Rife Frequencies

This is another method to detoxify using sound waves or frequencies. This includes 25 Dr Royal Rife frequencies which helps to accelerate the natural detoxifying process. Please note this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If you have any serious health issues please consult a doctor. Listen to this for at least 2-3 times per week. Detoxifying is not a one time process. So you need to take constant steps to help the body like the thing mentioned above and you can listen to this video too to help the body especially if you are disturbing the body with too much unhealthy foods and always live in a stressful situation.

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