Rife Cure All Tones @ 3.5Hz : Whole Body Regeneration : Delta Meditation

Rife Cure All Tones

Already we discussed about Dr Royal Rife Cure All tones in my previous posts. They are extremely beneficial tones and can be used for vast variety of diseases. In this only 5 cure all tones are included – 727, 787, 800, 880 and 10000Hz. Please check rife cafl list for full details of diseases. It is a long list so i am not including it here. Apart from the healing properties it is also very detoxifying and regenerating. So you can listen to it even if you don’t have any health problems. You can listen as a preventive measure.

3.5Hz Whole Body Regeneration Delta Tone

Above mentioned rife tones are modulated to 3.5Hz in this video. This is a very very important tone which comes in the delta brainwave range. This will take brain to a deep relaxed and meditative sleep like state. It will accelerate our natural healing process. Immune system will work at its best level in delta range like it do during the sleep. When we are awake either we will be physically or mentally active. Our body has a limitation. It can concentrate only one task at a time. So when we are physically or mentally engaged it will not give full attention to healing and regeneration. That is the importance of sleep. If we don’t get enough sleep healing also will be compromised. In modern life majority of people don’t get enough sleep. So if we forcefully enter into a sleep like state while we are awake then also the same processes will happen. It will accelerate the body’s natural healing mechanism. That is why we feel better after a deep meditation or listening to delta or theta brainwaves etc.

Frequency Healing with Rife Tones

This is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If you have any major health issues first consult a doctor. This can be used in addition to the primary treatment. Also drink enough water while listening to any frequency healing videos to avoid dehydration. If you are skeptical about frequency healing then check out the comments in our videos. You can see 100s of testimonials from all over the world.

Importance of Mind in Healing

Only thing is you need to believe it. It is true for all type of treatment. If you approach with a skeptical mind it may not work. Even in modern medicine. Thoughts and beliefs are very very important in healing. Mind can become a major hindrance if you approach a treatment with negative thoughts. Our body has a full capacity to heal any health issues. Only we have to believe in its full capacity. Then any treatment can do wonders. If you approach with a skeptical mind then most modern and successful treatment may fail. So do some meditation or mind control techniques to keep mind in control too. It is very much required in the modern world as we as a generation getting more and more disturbed mentally. We have all the luxuries which our ancestors cannot even think or dream. But they lived a more happy life compared to us. So everything is in the mind. If you think less then you will be more happy. So learn to control your mind.

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