Rife Full 69 Parasite Cleanse Tones @ 3.5Hz Whole Body Regeneration

Parasite Cleanse with 69 Rife Frequencies

There are many frequency sets in the Rife frequency list. It is difficult to listen to each one of them daily. So we combines some of the popular rife parasite frequency sets like general, comprehensive, alternate, short set etc. Still there are many other sets for roundworms, tapeworms, flukes etc. That we will cover in another video. As we mentioned in previous posts parasite cleanse is not a one time process. You need to do something at least weekly once to get rid of parasites like eating parasite killing foods, fasting, listening to frequencies etc. Otherwise it will regroup quickly. We cannot get rid of parasites completely from our body. Only we can do is keep it under control. At normal rate there won’t be much issues. Problem occurs only when there an overgrowth.

3.5Hz Whole Body Regeneration

Above mentioned parasite tones are modulated to 3.5Hz delta brainwave tone in isochronic way. This tone is very beneficial one. It is also called whole body regeneration tone. It will help to regenerate the whole system. Delta brainwave can take brain to a deep relaxed or meditative sleep like state. So body’s natural healing process will get accelerated at this stage. So it is very beneficial. When we are fully active body doesn’t get enough time for healing and such regenerative actions. Since this is isochronic modulated audio, headphones are not compulsory. You can listen it with a speaker while working on a computer or doing day to day activities. But avoid listening to this when you need to be alert like driving.

This is not a replacement for any primary treatment. If you have any serious health problems then first consult a doctor. This can be used with that primary treatment. Also drink enough water while listening. Don’t overdo it too. We recommend 1-2 times per day only. normally it doesn’t create any discomfort or side effects but it is better to limit the listing time.

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