Dr Royal Rife Cure All Frequencies 20Hz & 10000Hz : Heal with Sound

Even though there are many Cure All tones in the Rife frequency list two of them are special – 20Hz and 10,000Hz (10KHz). One is at the lower end of the audio spectrum and other at upper end. Both tones are very beneficial like other cure all tones and many people prefer these 2 mainly because they are easy to listen.

Rife Cure All 20Hz

Our audio spectrum also starts at 20Hz. When we become older our ear’s efficiency also reduces. So many people may not be able to detect this properly but that doesn’t matter. The vibration is more than enough for frequency healing. As per the Rife CAFL 20Hz is beneficial for many diseases like candida, colon problems, swelling, headache, sinusitis, fissures, eye disorders etc. The list contains 225 diseases so please check the Rife CAFL for full details.

Rife Cure All 10000Hz

Even though our audio spectrum ends at 20KHz our upper end limit also decreases as we get older. So many people cannot hear above 10KHz+ tones properly. Here also even if you don’t hear it fully it doesn’t matter. The vibrations still helps. 10000Hz also beneficial for 162 disease as per the rife docs like allergy, burns, cramps, headache, parasites etc.

Healing with Frequencies

As I mention in all my posts this is not a replacement for mainstream treatment. If you have any serious symptoms please consult a doctor first. If you enough time to try then you can try this. Also you can listen to this with your primary treatment. Also you can listen to this as a preventive measure.

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