Money Frequencies Fast Mix : Jupiter 183.58 & 473.9 + Solfeggio 528 & 639 + 432Hz

Wealth & Money Frequencies

From very ancient period people discovered the connection between wealth & money with sound. They used many different sound making methods to improve their wealth and prosperity. Now there are many frequencies people believe that they can bring more wealth and money. Some of the tones are Jupiter spinning frequencies, Solfeggio tones, cosmic frequency 432Hz, angelic tone 888Hz, root chakra tones. In this video some very popular money tones are included and they are modulated to 8Hz which is associated with root chakra. Here is the list.

Jupiter Spinning Tones 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz Benefits

Even centuries back our ancestors discovered that Jupiter can bring prosperity and wealth. They worshiped Jupiter as a God of wealth. In Indian astrology too Jupiter is closed associated with money and wealth. Depending on the position of the Jupiter in the birth chart our financial positions will change. There are two frequencies are associated with Jupiter – 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz. These 2 are included in this video. We have separate Jupiter frequency videos too. Please check out our YouTube channel.

Solfeggio 528Hz & 639Hz

There are 6 main frequencies and 3 sub tones in the ancient solfeggio scale and out of which two are connected with money and abundance. Solfeggio 528Hz is mainly connected with DNA repair and positive energy. But this is a miraculous tone which can bring many positive things in life including financial prosperity. Solfeggio 639Hz is also believed to bring more money and wealth. These 2 tones are also included in this video.

Cosmic Frequency 432Hz Benefits

Like 528Hz, this is another favorite tone of frequency lovers. 432Hz can bring many miracles and positive changes in life if listen to it daily. It helps to raise positive vibrations, enhance self love, improve relationships, manifest miracles etc. It can be used for law of attraction too.

Root Chakra 8Hz : Muladhara

There are 7 main chakras in our body which decides our behavior, attitude and overall well being. If one chakra is blocked then you will have many physical or emotional problems accordingly. So it is very important to balance the chakras for a balanced life. Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara or root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown are the main 7 chakras. In this root chakra or muladhara is associated with physical well being including wealth. In this video all the above mentioned tones are modulated with 8Hz which is associated with root chakra.

Develop a Positive Money Mindset

A positive mindset about money is also very important. Even if you are in a financial problem try to think positively. Use some affirmations to feed positivity to the subconscious. Universe will give only what you ask. Daily for 5-10 minutes if you think or wish for more money and rest of the day if you keep worrying about money then the negative thoughts will overpower the positive wishes. Every thought is a prayer to the universe. So use mind carefully. 65,000 thoughts come to mind every day and our future depends on that. Try to think positively as much as you can – then your life will change forever.

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