Money Visualization Shorts Videos : Law of Attraction : Importance of Affirmations

YouTube Shorts Videos

This is a new feature from YouTube like tiktok, Instagram Reels. YouTube shorts are videos up to 60 seconds length with music and an aspect ration of 9:16 (vertical) – designed to watch for mobile phones. With increased usage of mobile phones now more content creators are moving to vertical formats.

Money Visualization Tools

When it is about law of attraction and attracting money visualization is very important. Just dreaming and wishing for more money alone will not help. In your internal world you need to live in an abundant world. When we just wish or dream we are only using conscious mind. But it has to reach subconscious mind which is million times more powerful. We cannot directly access or rewrite to subconscious mind. It has to pass through the conscious mind which is also a logical mind which analyses it and if feel illogical it will discard it. So when you are in a financial crisis and try to be positive and think you are rich conscious mind will reject it. But somehow if you are able to reach it to subconscious then it will start working in a positive way. That too just 1-2 times will not be sufficient. You need to constantly bombard subconscious with positive suggestions about money.

Money Affirmations to Reprogram Subconscious Mind

Here comes the importance of Affirmations. Repeating something is the best way to reach the subconscious mind. When you listen same thing again and again sometimes it will bypass the conscious mind and reach the subconscious. You can make your own affirmations or get it from some websites, record it with your own voice and listen to it daily as much as you can. There are many affirmation videos and audios in YouTube and such sites. You can listen to them too.

Best Time to Listen Affirmations

Just before sleep and just after waking up are the best time to listen affirmations. These two times brain passes through the theta brainwave range. Subconscious mind will be more accessible when brain is in theta mode. at this time conscious mind will be in a sleepy mode so it will be easy to bypass it.

How Long it will take Affirmations to Work ?

It is like planting seeds. It will take some time. Be patient. Normally it will start working after few weeks. But keep concentrating on it. Don’t worry about the result. It will follow.

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