Get Rid of Fungus & Mold with 37 Rife Frequencies : 6Hz Fast Mode Healing

Fungus Vs Mold

Fungus and Mold infections are very common health problem affecting millions of people worldwide. Both fungus and mold are closely related but there are some difference too in terms of their characteristics, nature, appearance etc. Mold is a specific kind of fungus. Fungi is a kingdom with a large number of species including yeasts, molds, and mushrooms.

Fungus and Mold Infections Rife Frequencies

There are many frequency sets useful for fungus and mold infections. In this video we used Rife Frequencies. These are the included tones in this video :

132, 158, 222, 242, 254, 321, 337, 344, 374, 414, 464, 512, 524, 555, 565, 592, 594, 623, 728, 743, 745, 766, 774, 784, 866, 880, 886, 933, 942, 1016, 1130, 1155, 1333, 1823, 1833, 2411, 4442

This frequency list is taken from Dr Royal Rife CAFL list. Search for Rife CAFL for full set of frequencies which can be used for other diseases too.

Frequency Healing

Already we discussed about frequency healing methods, benefits, usage etc in our previous posts. Anyway these are the main things you should remember while listening to any frequency healing videos. Drink more water to avoid dehydration. This is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If you have any serious symptoms please consult a doctor first. This can be used in addition. Listen to at least 1-2 times per day for 1-2 weeks. If you don’t see any improvement by that time then better stop it or switch to some other frequency sets.

6Hz Theta Brainwave Fast Mode

The above mentioned fungus and mold frequencies are again modulated to 6Hz which comes in the theta brainwave range. So this is a healing plus meditation video. When you listen to it for more than 5 minutes it will take you to a deep relaxed and meditative state too. So don’t listen to this when you want to be fully awake like driving a car or operating a machinery. Subconscious mind will be more accessible during theta brainwave period. So you can club some affirmations audio too while listening to reprogram the subconscious mind.

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