Rife Cure All Benefits, Usage : Fast Mode Mix Healing with Abraham’s 1.5Hz

Rife Cure All Frequencies 20Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 800Hz, 880Hz, 5000Hz & 10000Hz

Already we discussed about Rife Cure All frequencies many times in previous posts but these tones are very very important and that is why we are making more and more videos with these miracle tones. Each one of these can be used for 100s of diseases and health problems. Please refer the Rife CAFL list for full details as I cannot list all those diseases here because it is a very lengthy list. Even if you don’t have any specific health issues you can listen to these tones because these are very regenerating and detoxifying too.

Fast Mode Mix @ 6Hz Theta Brainwave

Normally in our videos we mix these tones a very low modulating frequency – normally below 1Hz and some times go to extremely low levels like 0.03Hz. Those tones are called Epsilon waves. But in this we used 6Hz as the modulating tone. So it is in fast mode mix. 6Hz comes in the Theta Brainwave range. These range tones are deeply relaxing and meditative. Subconscious mind will be very accessible during this theta ranges. So you can club it with some affirmations too. It will work fast when you listen it with theta or delta brainwave tones.

Abraham’s 1.5Hz – Universal Healing Rate

Above mentioned Rife Cure All tones are again modulated to 1.5Hz which is also called Abhram’s Universal healing rate. This is again deeply healing and relaxing. This comes in the Delta brainwave range. Normally brain goes to these range only during sleep. So when you tune to these range you will be almost like a sleep like mode. Healing and regeneration will be at the peak during these times. Immune system will work at its peak level and body will be maximum relaxed.

Frequency Healing Usage, Do’s and Don’ts

There is no specific time which you can listen to these tones. You can listen it any time – day or night. Since these tones are deeply relaxing and will take brain to a sleep like mode don’t listen while driving a car or operating a machinery. You can listen it while working with your computer or doing simple jobs. This is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If you have any serious symptoms please consult a doctor first. Also remember to drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

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